At Little Gold House we offer a 30 minute free consultation. It will involve a visit to your home to look at the room, storage spaces or rooms you would like decluttered and organised. We will discuss with you what you would like to achieve, how long it will take, if storage is needed and any questions you may have. Simple!

A day session (6 hours) is £179.00. Half a day is £89.00. Travelling outside a 10 mile radius will be 

Payment terms
A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking with the balance to be paid at the end of the session. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque; details are available during the booking process. 

Hours of work
We usually recommend starting to declutter in the morning so we can make good headway with lots of energy. Times are flexible from 9am onwards.

It is beneficial to break, regroup and analyse what work has been done. We will provide our own refreshments so that the focus remains on decluttering, organising and next steps!

Will you need to be there?
This decision is totally up to you and we can discuss this during the consultation. If you have a clear idea about what you want us to achieve on your behalf then you do not need to be present. Staying during the decluttering process to make decisions on what items you would like to discard or keep will help you become aware of what belongings are important to you, if you need or love them and what matches your life right now. 


Removal of items 
We will be able to take up to five bags of items to charity shops for you. If you have large items, a large quantity to donate charity or items that need to go to the tip/recycling area then that will need to be arranged by you, the client.

Charges for travel 
Charges will be incurred for travel over 30 miles at a cost of 0.46p per mile or the cost of public transport.

Areas covered
Essex and Hertfordshire.

Privacy and Confidentiality
We offer a professional service, all of your details will remain confidential and not shared with third parties. Requests for before and after photos, comments and testimonials are in the contract and only shared on social media and our website with your prior permission. 

If either party needs to cancel a booking, then 24 hours’ notice is required. It is understandable that events in life mean we cannot always keep commitments, but, if you feel like cancelling because of nerves or anxiety then be rest assured that there is no judgement, the butterflies will not last and you will feel elated after the process has finished. So will I!

Limitations of work
We can help you move light items of furniture to provide space or reorganise an area, but unfortunately we are unable to move heavy furniture. We can suggest changes on furniture arrangement but cannot undertake specialist jobs such as carpentry or DIY. Storage items can be discussed and ordered.

Little Gold House will offer advice on decluttering items for the purpose of reorganising space. It is at the client’s discretion and their final decision if they decide that they do not wish to keep an item during the decluttering process.
All items will be handled with care and consideration. If, on the rare occasion accidental damage or loss occurs, the client acknowledges that Little Gold House will not be held liable.
Little Gold House is unable to give a valuation on items the client  wishes to sell, for example art, furniture or jewellery. It shall be the client’s responsibility to ascertain a valuation on any items they believe to be of high value or rare pieces before letting them go. All advice from Little Gold House is given in good faith.

Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance (up to £1 Million)