"I couldn't have been more grateful for the calm and gentle direction Victoria gave me. Most importantly, she didn't judge me in any way for the clutter and the mess. 

One thing I’m really glad I did (which isn’t easy for the control freak part of me!) was step back a bit. I wouldn’t have laid tings out as Victoria did and wouldn’t have grouped items in the same way. But I was so in need of a real change and a new perspective. I’m so glad I followed through because Victoria’s system means that I’m able to pivot and put away everything from the dishwasher. I don’t have to dance around the kitchen when I’m cooking or even making tea. Everything is in a thoughtful place that makes sense for our daily lives. I would say Victoria has a skill, that I don’t think can be taught, for sensing how best to organise and restructure a space. My previously cluttered kitchen now has some half empty cupboards – I never thought I’d see the day!" Vicki 2020

Victoria rearranged my wardrobe in an afternoon and I was amazed at the outcome!

She helped me to consider each item before consigning it to the charity shop, "sell" pile or earning it's rightful place in the wardrobe. It's now really clear what I have to wear, instead or rummaging through clothes that are never worn. I have kept up this approach since Victoria's visit and have applied it to other areas in my home. Thank you to Little Gold House for bringing a little tranquillity to my wardrobe! Christine 2020

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